One Filthy Word at a Time:

What Is
Basically, this is a list of bad words that is community driven.  The idea is to see which bad words people think are the worst, and also see all the variations of that word or expression that people are using.   Some words after enough votes will reach a "Golden" status, which means that pretty much everyone agrees that a word is definately filthy.
Our Services.
We also offer text-sanitation services for use on websites and web enabled applications. Free and Premium Services are available.  Sites can submit text to our site and instantaniously recive a boolean, or asterick sanitized JSON formatted response. (Technical Details Here) 

Our Free On-line Text Sanitation webserivce takes care of making sure your text doesn't contain unwanted text. Premium users have more customization options and you only pay a small fee when you exceed a certain usage.

We've already got a decent list of bad words which is growing every day. And we offer a free webservice for those website developers who want to offer their clients some decent text filtering and not have to worry about maintaining their own list.
2012 Update.
We're currently updating our site.. ..Majorly, although the look and feel of this site will be the same, we're finally preparing to launch our premium services
We're in the final phases of testing and we've got a solid solution ready. This has been a large project, we apologize for the delay in development as getting these things off the ground generally involves a lot. We will send an announcement when the site is live.

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